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ITaP traces security breach to Belgium

ITaP traces security breach to Belgium
ITaP traces security breach to Belgium 05/06/15§ion=campus&storyid=index 

By Leroy Bridges
Summer Editor

The security breach that exposed more than 11,000 Social Security 
numbers has been traced to Belgium.

Ken Morgan, director of communications of Information Technology at 
Purdue, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the incident involved Belgium and 
some sort of video.

The University has an investigation underway to clearly identify the 
hackers and how the breach occurred.

"This is currently a criminal investigation," Morgan said. "We can't 
really say much else because we don't know much right now."

The breach happened in April that resulted in personal information of 
people linked to the University getting exposed.

To prevent future problems, Morgan said that Purdue clearly needs a 
stronger pattern for computer security.

"Many things need to change," Morgan said. "From new systems to new 
people, this process is a large one."

Despite increased security and new systems, Morgan wants people to 
realize that this situation is a reality when using the computer and 
today's technology.

"This is a job that will never be done," Morgan said. "Technologies 
continue to evolve so we will always be upgrading and changing systems 
to ensure protection.

"But that doesn't mean this won't ever happen again."

Once the investigation is finished, details regarding the breach will 
be available.

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