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2 indictments against 9 PIs in Trojan Horse affair

2 indictments against 9 PIs in Trojan Horse affair
2 indictments against 9 PIs in Trojan Horse affair 

Yitzhak Danon    
7 July 05   

The Tel Aviv District Prosecutor today filed two indictments with the
Tel Aviv District Court in the Trojan Horse affair. The indictments
were filed against nine private investigators employed by Modiin
Ezrahi Ltd., Zvi Krochmal Investigations, and Pelosoff-Balali.

The indictments accuse the suspects of industrial espionage,
fraudulent receipt, uploading computer viruses, hacking computers with
criminal intent, wiretapping, use of wiretaps, invasion of privacy,
and managing an unauthorized database.

Prosecutors claim that the industrial espionage discovered by the
international police investigation operated in three rings: a ring
that created the Torjan Horses Michael and Ruth Haephrati, whom Israel
has applied to the UK for extradition; a ring of private
investigators, including those indicted; and a ring of companies and
private parties who ordered the industrial espionage in order to
obtain information about competitors and other individuals. The
investigation against this third ring is not yet over.

All the accused are under arrest, and prosecutors want to extend their
remand until proceedings are completed.

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