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Hacker Gets Access To ISU Alumni Information

Hacker Gets Access To ISU Alumni Information
Hacker Gets Access To ISU Alumni Information 

July 20, 2005

AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa State University is sending out a warning to
alumni Wednesday after a hacker had access to the alumnae association
Web site.

A computer at Iowa State University's Alumni Association was hacked
into, allowing outside access to thousands of Social Security numbers
and pages of credit card information.

"It's becoming easier to attack systems with tools available on the
Web," said Jim Davis of ISU's information technology department.

University officials are still unsure whether the hacker accessed the
computer in search of the sensitive information. But they are saying
it is possible that data was accessed and has been misused.

By tapping into the computer, the hacker had access to 2,031 student
and volunteer Social Security numbers and 2,379 credit card numbers.

Kate Bruns, of the ISU Alumni Association, updates the group's Web
site, said they were able to pull up a list of everyone whose
information was on the server.

E-mail was sent out to members after the security breach was

Those who did not receive an e-mail from the association should be OK,
NewsChannel 8 reported.

However, those with questions can call the association at (877)  

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