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Inside Windows IT Security UPDATE -- July 22, 2005

Inside Windows IT Security UPDATE -- July 22, 2005
Inside Windows IT Security UPDATE -- July 22, 2005

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Bindview: Security Management in a Multi-platform World 

1. What's New in the Latest Issue

     August 2005 Issue
     - Focus: Network Port Fundamentals
     - Feature: Keep Your Secrets Safe
     - Access Denied

2. New Additions to the Online Article Archive

     August 2004 Issue
     - Focus: Use Certificates to Secure Your WLAN
     - Features
     - Access Denied

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==== 1. What's New in the Latest Issue ===
August 2005 Issue

Focus: Network Port Fundamentals
   In this issue, we wrap up our network port fundamentals and firewall 
appliances series, and we provide essential information about 
encryption, logon rights, and a terrific little log-analysis tool called 

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Keep Your Secrets Safe
   Although encryption is about keeping information secret, there's 
nothing secret about the encryption process. Here are the basics of 
symmetric key encryption and public/private key encryption.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

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Access Denied

Securing the Administrator Account
   Take steps to lessen the risk of attacks that use a computer's 
Administrator account.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Protecting Information on XP Laptops
   Use offline files and EFS to ensure that laptop data is available, 
backed up, and secure.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Preventing Users from Disabling a Screen Saver
   Use an AD or local computer GPO to hide the Screen Saver tab from 
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Running Services Under SYSTEM or Administrator
   Here's why you should use the least amount of privileges necessary 
for performing tasks on your computer.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

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   Discover the various methods available for controlled Internet access 
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==== 2. New Additions to the Online Article Archive ===
August 2004 Issue
   To access this issue of Windows IT Security, go to the following URL: 

Focus: Use Certificates to Secure Your WLAN
   In this issue, learn about WLAN security, digital certificate 
validation in Windows PKI, the basics of Windows Firewall, and more.


Using Certificates to Secure Your WLAN
   Learn the simplest way to implement 802.1x and certification-based 
authentication on a typical network of Windows XP and Windows 2000 
computers and a Win2K AD domain.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Windows Firewall Basics
   Learn how to configure and manage Windows XP SP2's new Windows 
   --Jeff Fellinge 

Validating Digital Certificates in Windows PKI
   Certificate validation is a key part of authenticating users and 
systems through digital certificates. Take an in-depth look at how the 
Windows PKI validates certificates and be better prepared to solve 
validation problems when they occur.
   --Jan De Clercq 

Access Denied

A Basic File Encryption Tool
   Windows provides no built-in utility for encrypting files, but two 
scripts in the Platform SDK use CryptoAPI to let you encrypt and decrypt 
text files from the command line.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Enabling Users to Access Two Domain Accounts
   In some cases (e.g., during a migration), you might need to let users 
log on to two domain accounts and access files. A freeware tool makes 
setting up such a scenario easy.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Requiring VPN Users to Run Certain Software
   Using Windows 2003's IAS, you can prevent VPN users who aren't 
running antivirus or other necessary software from logging on to your 
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Using Windows Server 2003's Certificate Templates
   Microsoft significantly enhanced certificate templates in Windows 
2003 but makes the new functionality available only in Enterprise 
Edition and Datacenter Edition.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

Securely Administering a Remote Server
   Learn why remotely administering a server through Terminal Services 
is more secure that using MMC snap-ins.
   --Randy Franklin Smith 

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