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Re: One in ten law firms suffered security breaches

Re: One in ten law firms suffered security breaches
Re: One in ten law firms suffered security breaches

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Dear Associates,

How about the handling of private information?  Here in Canada privacy
rights are rescinded when someone is caught committing a crime, so
likely law firms maintain records including email relevant to cases.  
What happens to these records when a person is found not guilty or
punished for a crime?  This appears to be a grey area in the data
retention law and now we are seeing that law firms are also vulnerable
to exploits.

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Subject: [ISN] One in ten law firms suffered security breaches

> By INQUIRER staff
> 04 August 2005
> ACCORDING TO AN NOP World survey, 50% of law firms in the UK are
> missing basic security measures and just under half have no budget
> dedicated to digital security, despite the recently increasing IT
> security threats.
> 100 UK law firms were included in the NOP World survey commissioned
> by security specialists Evolution Security Systems.
> According to the survey, one in ten firms had suffered digital
> security breaches over the past year - showing absolutely no sign of
> improvement with exactly the same odds the year before. Over half of
> the firms believe that digital threats are increasing, yet have
> failed to take appropriate prevention steps.
> The survey found that even though there is a one in ten chance of a
> UK law firm suffering from digital security breaches, over half of
> those surveyed still asked co-workers to check their e-mails, while
> one quarter have never changed their e-mail passwords. Perhaps more
> worryingly, four out of ten firms that were questioned had
> absolutely no idea what to do in case of a serious IT malfunction,
> having no disaster recovery plans, or even having thought of such
> things.


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