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UK hacking suspect located in Greece

UK hacking suspect located in Greece
UK hacking suspect located in Greece 

August 10, 2005

Police on the island of Crete have searched the home of a British
computer scientist who allegedly hacked into the site of a British
insurance company to extort money from the firm, authorities say.

The 54-year-old man from London, who was not otherwise identified, was
located following cooperation with British authorities, police said in
a statement.

The suspect has not been arrested because the alleged crimes are not
covered by the country's fast-track prosecution system.

In London, police confirmed they were co-operating with Greek
authorities but did not give any details of the investigation or say
whether they would seek the man's extradition, a police spokesman

Greek police, who seized computers and hard disks from the man's home
on Monday, said in a statement that he allegedly cancelled dozens of
insurance contracts and changed the firm's share price listed on the
company's website.

He also posted false statements, claiming company executives had been
involved in fraud, and alleging that the firm adopted discriminatory
policies against Muslims following the July 7 terrorist bombings in

The suspect moved to the town of Sitia on Crete a year ago and was
active in the local real estate market.

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