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Security clearance delays still a problem

Security clearance delays still a problem
Security clearance delays still a problem 

Florence Olsen 
September 1, 2005      

Security clearance delays are the same, if not worse, than a year ago, 
before lawmakers made changes designed to help clear the backlog, 
Information Technology Association of America officials said in a 
survey report released Aug. 31. 

Harris Miller, ITAA's president, said newly enacted reciprocity rules 
have made no dent in a problem that is creating mounting costs for 
high-tech companies. Those rules permit agencies to accept clearances 
initiated by other agencies.

ITAA officials said 27 member companies that responded to a survey are 
coping with the backlog by hiring cleared employees from one another, 
sometimes paying premiums of up to 25 percent.

Responding to a Web-based survey, 81 percent, or 21 companies, said 
they had encountered delays of 270 or more days in getting top-secret 
clearances for employees. Last year, when ITAA conducted a similar 
survey, 70 percent reported equally lengthy delays.

The longest waits occurred in seeking clearances for employees to work 
at the CIA and the Defense Department.

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