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Google to launch Wi-Fi service?

Google to launch Wi-Fi service?
Google to launch Wi-Fi service? 

By Nancy Gohring
IDG News Service

Google may be close to launching a Wi-Fi service.

A page on the Google Web site instructs customers on how to download
Google Secure Access, a client that the site says "allows you to
establish a more secure connection while using Google WiFi."

A Google spokeswoman could not comment further on the company's Wi-Fi
plans or strategy.

In April, Google began sponsoring a free hot spot in San Francisco's
Union Square.

In August, Business 2.0 magazine published a report on rumors that
Google had begun buying access to fiber across the U.S. Industry
observers have since speculated that Google may be on the verge of
offering some sort of access service, potentially using Wi-Fi.

The Google Web page says that the Secure Access program can be
downloaded at certain Google Wi-Fi locations in the San Francisco Bay
area. However, the client can in fact be downloaded to any computer
that is connected to the Internet.

The page also says that while Google Secure Access should work at any
Wi-Fi location, Google hasn't tested it elsewhere.

Information about the Secure Access client is available on the Google
Web site [1].


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