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Military foundation's website hacked

Military foundation's website hacked
Military foundation's website hacked 

By Jin Dae-woong 

Personal information taken by computer hackers from the website of an
organization affiliated to the Defense Ministry may have been used to
aid criminal acts, the Defense Security Command said yesterday.

The Command said many attempts to hack into the website of the M.N.D
Ho Guk Foundation were made during the past two months. The command
said two attempts were successful - one apparently from inside Korea,
the other possibly from abroad.

The foundation controls scholarships and welfare grants for soldiers'
families and stores huge amounts of personal information about troops
and their dependents on its database.

The command raised the possibility during initial investigations that
the cyber raiders gathered information such as personal identity
numbers and addresses to carry out a variety of crimes.

The website is now closed to prevent additional hacking.

The government's security systems - designed to protect personal
information - were gravely tested in July when information from more
than 250 computers in 10 government organizations was stolen through
large-scale hacking. The National Police Agency, the National
Assembly, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses and USFK were among the
organizations hacked.

The command has also launched an investigation into claims made by a
lawmaker based on classified military information. Rep. Kwon
Young-ghil, a lawmaker of the Labor Democratic Party, said Monday in a
press release that South Korea and the United States agreed a war
plan, code-named Operation Plan 5027-04, against North Korea in 2002.  
Kwon cited a classified document taken from the Security Consultative
Meeting when this plan was agreed.

Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung said Tuesday in the wake of this
disclosure that the ministry will soon launch an investigation into
how the confidential information leaked out. Rep. Kwon and his
secretaries have already been summoned to appear at the investigation.

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