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Maui man admits to selling classified military secrets

Maui man admits to selling classified military secrets
Maui man admits to selling classified military secrets 

Tina Shelton 
October 27, 2005 

The FBI says a Maui resident has admitted to selling classified
military secrets to at least eight foreign countries.

The case against the longtime stealth bomber engineer is expected to

It's an investigation that's in its very early stages. They're not
even saying which countries -- enemy or ally -- are involved.

He marketed himself as the father of the B-2's unique infrared
suppressing propulsion system.

That's what makes the stealth bomber able to hide from heat seeking

Sixty-one-year-old Noshir Gowadia, born in India, was a naturalized
U.S. citizen who worked nearly 20 years at New Mexico's Los Alamos
National Laboratory and for defense contractor Northrup Corporation.

He retired to Maui having set up a consultant business, and began
selling his expertise.

"The investigation has revealed that Gowadia over the last several
years has marketed himself to foreign military entities and other
foreign persons, and disclosed United States military technology
secrets," says Charles Goodwin, FBI special agent in charge.

Gowadia's charged with faxing a document with details for developing
infrared technology to a foreign official in an undisclosed country.

"The investigation has also revealed that he's been rewarded
monetarily for his efforts," says Goodwin.

Agents say Gowadia confessed during questioning, saying "I disclosed
classified information with the knowledge that information was
classified...I knew it was wrong and I did it for the money."

The evidence against Gowadia was in his laptop and materials seized
from him on Maui, and on court authorized wiretaps.

We reported last week that the FBI has dramatically cut drug cases in
Hawaii, while increasing counter intelligence and counter terrorism
efforts. That post 9/11 focus is obvious by this criminal complaint.

Gowadia's due in court on Friday, where a federal magistrate will
decide whether he gets bail.

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