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Security is executive's chief fear

Security is executive's chief fear
Security is executive's chief fear'schieffear.htm 

By Tash Shifrin
9 November 2005

More than two-thirds of company executives believe reliable network
security is the single most critical factor in successful
implementation of converged IP networks, new research has revealed.

The research by the Economist Intelligence Unit and telecoms firm AT&T
surveyed 236 senior executives from companies in 50 countries.

It found that security is seen as a more critical aspect of network
performance than cost, complexity or business disruption.

Some of the most important benefits of convergence, such as closer
electronic collaboration with customers and remote working, are also
seen as key areas of network vulnerability.

More than 60% of those surveyed reported that processing customer data
online exposed their businesses to electronic security breaches, more
than any other type of vulnerability. But 62% nevertheless expected to
implement IP networks across all or most of their businesses within
three years.

The survey found that 89% of respondents feared viruses and worms as
the top electronic security threat. But company executives expected
the threat from hackers and industrial espionage to grow over the same
time frame.

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