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Fewer computers infected with virus

Fewer computers infected with virus
Fewer computers infected with virus 

TIANJIN, Nov. 18 (Xinhuanet) -- About 80 percent of China's computers
have been infected with virus in 2005, 8 percent lower than last year.
This is the first time of drop for the PC virus infection ratio in
China over the past five years, said sources with the Eighth
International Conference of the Association of Anti Virus Asia
Researchers (AVAR) here Friday.
According to a latest survey conducted by the Ministry of Public
Securities, China's companies, institutions and government offices
have more access to the information technology this year.
They all strengthened the work concerning information network safety
and are rewarded with a drop of virus infection ratio, said Zhang
Jian, deputy director of the National Computer Virus Emergency
Response Center.
The survey also said that China is not hit by serious virus so far
this year.

According to the analysis of types of computer virus, the worm virus
infection ratio is obviously higher than others, accounting for 74
Zhang said that China still lacks professionals of network safety
He urged the governments at all levels to provide more training
chances for the related workers and specialists and increase
investment for the development of anti-virus technologies and
software. Enditem

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