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IT security staff could face licensing

IT security staff could face licensing
IT security staff could face licensing 

By Bill Goodwin
29 November 2005

IT security professionals have voiced concern over proposals to use
legislation designed for wheel clampers and bodyguards to regulate
security consultants.

The Security Industry Association (SIA), a quango that regulates
workers in physical security industries, said Home Office ministers
were considering whether IT security should be governed by

Research is under way to help them decide whether IT security
consultants will need licences to practice. "The exercise is to scope
the security industry and see how wide the legislation is to be," said
an SIA spokesman.

If IT security professionals are classed as security consultants they
will have to undergo identity and criminal record checks, and reach
minimum qualifications.

But independent security consultant Chris Sundt said government
regulation could harm, rather than help, the profession.

"There is a risk the SIA will come up with a licensing regime that
creates more problems than it solves. If the criteria are weak, people
will have a label saying they are qualified security professionals. It
will give a false sense of security," he said.

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