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Re: Mac OS X security under scrutiny

Re: Mac OS X security under scrutiny
Re: Mac OS X security under scrutiny

Forwarded from: "Thor (Hammer of God)"  

> SANS's Dhamankar stressed that the intent was not to call the Mac OS
> X operating system a threat, but to give Mac users a wake up call.
> If they have not been paying attention to security, then they should
> start today, he said.

If the intent was simply a "wake up call," then why is it listed as
one of "The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilites???"  
Classifying it as "Most Critical" doesn't really fit when one claims
to be mearly increasing awareness for "some people that feel that, if
they are running Mac OS X, then all is well."  It brings the validity
of the entire list into question.  But then again, so does claiming
that AV software itself is one of the most critical vulnerabilites
when any real-world experience still shows that outdated AV, not the
AV itself, is a far greater concern.


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