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S. Korea unveils steps against hacking of online game items

S. Korea unveils steps against hacking of online game items
S. Korea unveils steps against hacking of online game items 


SEOUL, Dec. 12 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's Information and Communication
Ministry announced a set of measures Monday to crack down on
increasing hacking attacks on online game items.

According to the measures, the ministry will make guidebooks
containing tips on how to prevent hacking of game items, helping
online game operators and users effectively deal with hacking

The ministry also promised to keep a close eye on hacking attempts at
70,000 game Web sites of by activating its newly developed
malicious-code monitoring program.

"The steps are designed to protect game users and minimize damage such
hacking could inflict on their business," the ministry said.

The ministry said such hacking activities not only steal online game
items but also cost a lot of money for online game operators who have
to put in more time and effort to protect users from the threats.

Hacking attacks on online games are emerging as a new threat to
computer users and game operators. According to AhnLab Inc., a
security solution company, 527 cases of attempted hacks to steal
accounts of "Lineage," a popular online game, were reported as of the
end of November.

Online game items refer to swords, shields and other cyber goods that
can be obtained in the process of playing online games that thousands
of people can play simultaneously.

According to an estimate by the Korean Association of Game Industry,
the nation's game item market, which soared to 700 billion won (US$677
million) last year from 100 billion won in 2002, is expected to reach
1 trillion won this year. The market is predicted to further expand to
1.5 trillion won in 2006.

Some of the items are traded for as much as 10 million won, market
experts said.

South Korea leads the world in high-speed Internet connections per
capita, with more than 12 million of its 48 million population having
broadband Internet access.

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