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Chinese Cyber Criminals Attack Korean Bank

Chinese Cyber Criminals Attack Korean Bank
Chinese Cyber Criminals Attack Korean Bank 

Dec. 28, 2005 

The website of the Jeonbuk Mutual Savings Bank based in Gunsan, North 
Jeolla Province, was reportedly attacked by Chinese hackers, marking 
the first domestic hacking incident of a bank involving Chinese cyber 
criminals. Customers who log onto the website are likely to fall 
victim to the hackers by having their cyber money or internet game 
items stolen or experiencing a slow down in internet speeds, among 
other possible damage. 

The bank said it hurriedly deleted the Trojan horse programs, that can 
steal user IDs and passwords, exposed on specific online game sites 
linked to from its homepage and is now tracing the source of the 
program. Trojan Horses are a type of hacking program that takes 
advantage of programs with vulnerable Internet security. The programs 
allow hackers to steal specific personal information, mainly game IDs 
and passwords of users. 

A bank official said there would be no critical damage due to the 
exposure of personal information, as that server merely introduces 
banking services, without actually offering Internet banking services. 

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