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FBI to hire IT help

FBI to hire IT help
FBI to hire IT help 

By Wilson P. Dizard III
Contributing Staff Writer

The FBI today unveiled a campaign to hire a large number of IT 
professionals to operate and maintain the bureau's global systems. 

"Joining the FBI technology team will be an exciting and rewarding 
career," said FBI director Robert S. Mueller III in a statement. "The 
FBI is dedicated to developing and implementing state-of-the-art IT 
systems to support our agents and analysts in the field. These IT 
positions are critical in support of this FBI's mission to protect the 
United States against terrorism, foreign intelligence, criminal 
enterprises and cyberattacks." 

The Government Accountability Office recently reported that the 
bureau's shortage of key IT personnel poses problems for the rollout 
of new systems. 

According to an FBI statement, the bureau is recruiting computer 
scientists, engineers, IT specialists and project managers at salaries 
ranging from $35,452 to $135,136, with potential recruitment bonuses. 
The FBI has adopted special procedures to hire staff quickly, with 
interviews beginning in January. 

The bureau said it is seeking expertise in: 

* Systems engineering 

* Data Warehousing 

* Federated search technology 

* Data engineering 

* Service-oriented architecture 

* Application engineering 

* Portal technology. 

The bureau urged applicants to apply online [1].


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