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Hacking of IISc website was a warning

Hacking of IISc website was a warning
Hacking of IISc website was a warning 

December 30, 2005 

BANGALORE: Was the hacking of the IISc website four years ago a
warning of what was in store? It was, intelligence sleuths say now.  
IISc had come under the radar of fundamentalist Islamic groups in

The Al Qaida had succeeded in hacking the website of IISc's
supercomputer education and research centre .  

And also that of the atomic energy regulatory board in October 2001.  
The hackers had left a message for the then PM A B Vajpayee, "We
proved you lame everywhere, even in real or this cyber world. Admit

The police rule out the involvement of Al Qaida in the attack at this
stage, but feel it is definitely the handiwork of some Islamic
fundamentalist organisation.

A top intelligence official told TOI the hacking of the website was a
pointer to what was to follow. "Terrorists knew the importance of IISc
for a fast developing country like India."

Striking the institute, which produces some of the finest brains and
products of the world is like cutting off the roots of development,"  
the official said, while explaining why IISc was targeted

"The very fact that terrorists chose to strike at IISc and not in the
premises of any other software major shows that they are desperate to
cut off the country's nerves," the official said.

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