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TCP/IP Changes in Windows Vista and Longhorn

TCP/IP Changes in Windows Vista and Longhorn
TCP/IP Changes in Windows Vista and Longhorn

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1. In Focus: TCP/IP Changes in Windows Vista and Longhorn

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==== 1. In Focus: TCP/IP Changes in Windows Vista and Longhorn ===   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

The upcoming Windows Vista and Longhorn server releases will both use a 
redesigned TCP/IP stack. The new stack will bring several new features, 
including routing compartments, a better host model, better support for 
IP version 6 (IPv6), a new packet-filtering API, and some other changes 
that don't necessarily affect security (you can read about these 
changes at the URL at the end of this editorial). 

The routing compartments feature is really interesting. It lets each 
user logon session have its own routing table and will prevent Internet 
traffic from being routed across a VPN into an intranet. The new host 
model will help defend against attacks on multihomed systems. So for 
example, a packet that reaches a network interface must have a 
destination address that matches the interface's address or the packet 
will be dropped. 

The new packet-filtering API, now known as Windows Filtering Platform 
(WFP), will help developers more easily filter or change packets before 
they're processed further along in the OS. This means that tools such 
as firewalls and antivirus and antispyware products can better control 
which data enters the system. You can learn more about WFP at the 
following URL: EB4:4FB69 

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 both support IPv6; however 
functionality is somewhat limited because they don't support Internet 
Key Exchange (IKE) and data encryption. The new TCP/IP stack will fix 
this problem by introducing a fully functional IPv6 protocol layer, 
which will be enabled by default. 

However, using IPv6 won't be without problems. Microsoft said that an 
IPv6-enabled system will first request an AAAA record (which is a 
record for IPv6 addresses). If the query fails, the system will request 
an A record (a record for IPv4). Some DNS servers won't answer the A 
record request if the AAAA request fails. If you want to get a head 
start on building IPv6 functionality, make sure your DNS server will 
handle the AAAA, A sequence of requests. 

Another issue with IPv6 is Network Address Translation (NAT), which 
might also break connectivity. To get around that problem, Microsoft 
uses Teredo (also known as Shipworm), which is a method of 
encapsulating IPv6 inside IPv4 UDP packets. Microsoft first released 
Teredo support in its Advanced Networking Pack for Windows XP in XP 
Service Pack 1 (SP1) and later shipped Teredo as part of XP SP2 and 
Windows 2003 SP1. Teredo will be a standard part of Windows Vista and 
Longhorn server.

You can read more about the IPv6 enhancements at the first URL below 
and learn more about other new features of the TCP/IP stack at the 
second URL below. EAB:4FB69 EAC:4FB69 

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==== 2. Security News and Features ===
Recent Security Vulnerabilities
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Intel Invests in European Linux Solution Provider Collax
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Sophos to Sell ActiveState
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Security Matters Blog: Wipe Data from Your Old Media
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