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Code hacker heard in Beijing court

Code hacker heard in Beijing court
Code hacker heard in Beijing court 

Li Xinran

BEIJING No.2 Intermediate Court heard a criminal case today about a
31-year-old electronic engineer who thieved more than 3 million yuan
(US$372,670) worth of codes from prepaid mobile phone cards, by
hacking the data base of Beijing Mobile. It was the biggest Internet
theft ever in China.

Chen Zhihan, the electronic engineer, who took part in the computer
system establishment of Tibet Mobile, used the system password from
Tibet Mobile, to break into Beijing Mobile's network.

He stole thousands of codes from their database and auctioned them on, the largest auction Website in China. Chen gained 3.7
million yuan from March to July last year by selling the codes.

Chen however, forgot to check the validity dates on some of the codes,
which caused his customers' to complain to Beijing Mobile, who then
noticed Chen's fraudulent behavior.

Chen said he had no plans to keep the money, and said he was going to
donate it to charity. He said he once donated 200 yuan to a Beijing
leukemia patient.

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