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Farmers use computer to steal 9 Hondas

Farmers use computer to steal 9 Hondas
Farmers use computer to steal 9 Hondas 

Shanghai Daily

Two Anhui Province farmers have been charged with stealing nine cars
using a computer hacker program, Shanghai's Minhang District
prosecutors said yesterday.

Prosecutors said this is the city's first case involving computers
adopted to steal cars. So far no technological fix is available to
prevent this kind theft, they said.

Lao Hu and Zhong Zhou, who received a junior middle school education,
didn't invent the high-tech approach themselves.

Lao paid 40,000 yuan (US$4,938) for a set of special tools for
high-grade car maintenance, including a computer, a special tool and a
special key.

Because the computer program was designed especially for Honda cars,
this brand became Lao's target, authorities said.

He went to the city early this year to work with Zhong to steal
Hondas, after he used the equipment to steal a car in Guangzhou,
prosecutors said.

Late-night hobby

Their "hobby" was to take a late-night stroll on the street with a
large computer bag. When they found a target, Zhong was usually in
charge of keeping watch while Lao opened the car door with the special
tool and connected the computer loaded with the program for the car,
prosecutors allege.

After the hacker program in the computer outsmarted the car's
theftproof system, he started the car with the special key, and the
whole process took only two minutes, prosecutors said.

The duo allegedly stole nine Honda cars in this way in the city from
January to March and sold the cars for about 40,000 yuan each.

On March 4, the suspects drove a stolen car whose plate had been
changed to Cixi of Zhejiang Province. They had planned to sell the

But that Honda aroused suspicion of the Zhejiang police. The police
checked their certificates and found they weren't the car owner.

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