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Army carries out country-wide cyber security audit

Army carries out country-wide cyber security audit
Army carries out country-wide cyber security audit 

19 Apr 2006 

New Delhi, Apr 18: A day after Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee's
call for tightening security procedures, the Army today announced
carrying out country-wide cyber security audit by setting up a
specialist security establishment.

The Army headquarters has also issued security advisory to all units
and set up a specialist cyber security team from the Corp of Signals
to carry out a countrywide audit, a top army officer said here .

"The team besides looking into security shortcomings had also issued
instructions on framing Pass phrases instead of passwords for the
computers and would carry out hacking operations to check vigilance of
the units", he said.

He said for the first time the army was now going in for automation of
record of all personnels and for this 47 centres had been set up."  
Almost 80 per cent of the records have now been transffered to
computers carrying the entire data bank on all serving personnel
including officers".

"We hope to have fully automated records by September this year", he

The official also said that the army had completed laying of optic
fibre links to almost all forward posts particularly in Jammu and
Kashmir and besides this V-Sat network was coming up to link nearly
139 military stations to provide secure data and voice connections.

Besides, this "we have now provided the smallest infantry units with
briefcase mobile satellite terminals, which can be carried by soldiers
in their backpacks.

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