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PGP unfazed by MS disk encryption

PGP unfazed by MS disk encryption
PGP unfazed by MS disk encryption 

By Chris Williams
26th April 2006 

Infosec - PGP says the whole disk encryption kit Microsoft will 
bundle with Vista is no threat to its position as the first port of 
call for forgetful laptop luggers.

At its InfoSec press briefing, Microsoft was pushing its BitLocker 
software as peace of mind for firms wanting to sling old HDDs.

In contrast, PGP marketing manager Jamie Cowper reckons its encryption 
toolset should be an integral part of an ongoing security strategy.

PGP announced a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment to protect the 
laptops of 1,100 worldwide employees. That'll be their GTA cheat codes 
safe, then.

Drive lock-down, and encryption in general, still represent a small 
slice of the security market. However, it is rising up both the 
strategic and budgetary agenda. Increasing use of BlackBerries, PDAs, 
laptops, and smartphones was identified as a risk in the DTI's 2006 
security report.

BitLocker has landed Redmond in some hot water over its insistence 
that there are no back doors for law enforcement. As its encryption 
code is open source, PGP says it can guarantee no back doors, but that 
cyber sleuths can use its master keys if neccessary.

PGP encryption inventor Phil Zimmerman was dragged through the US 
courts in the 90s by feds worried it would roadblock investigations. 
Zimmerman is now a technical advisor at PGP and is working on VoIP 
encryption, another worry on the horizon for the DTI Information 
Security report.

PGP will start finding out if its bullishness in disk encryption is 
justified when Vista hits the corporate streets early next year. =AE

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