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Viruses strike at Infosec networks

Viruses strike at Infosec networks
Viruses strike at Infosec networks 

Iain Thomson at Infosec 
27 Apr 2006

IT security companies exhibiting at this year's Infosec show in London
have been slammed for not practising what they preach, following the
discovery that exhibition stands are hosting unsecured wireless
networks and viruses aplenty.

Security scanners set up by McAfee detected wireless networks that are
either lacking any encryption or are using default password settings.

Many of the networks running at the show are also infected with
viruses which are being broadcasted to delegates.

"It's bizarre and very worrying," said Greg Day, security consultant
at McAfee. "Some of these viruses are ancient; one stand is pumping
out Slammer which has been fixable for ages. There's really no

Day added that a "huge variety" of viruses had been found at the show
and advised visitors to make sure that their antivirus software is up
to date and to turn off the wireless on laptops and PDAs unless

"Don't be too hard on these people," said Bruce Schneier, security
guru and founder of Counterpane Internet Security.

"The moral of the tale is that this stuff is really hard. I'll bet
it's not a technology problem but human error; someone's just pushed
the wrong buttons."

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