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Police arrest DDoS hackers in Bac Ninh

Police arrest DDoS hackers in Bac Ninh
Police arrest DDoS hackers in Bac Ninh 

By The Phong

VietNamNet - The Ministry of Public Security's anti-hi-tech crime force 
has arrested a group of hackers in Bac Ninh Province after an attack on 
the server of a company in Hanoi.

The group allegedly conducted a distributed denial of service (DDoS)  
attack on the server of the Nhan Hoa Company, a provider of hosting and 
domain services in Hanoi.

The attack has been under investigation for more than a month and police 
have collected evidence they believe fingers the group.  However, police 
have not announced their names or punishment the hackers face.

Vu Duc Trung, Director of Nhan Hoa Company, reported that the server was 
attacked around four months ago.

"DDoS attacks on random client websites hosted on our servers overloaded 
the whole system, and as a result, we lost custom. This seriously affects 
the number our reputation and the prestige of our company," Mr Trung said.

After suffering several such attacks, Mr Trung reported the case to the 
BKIS Network Security Centre and to the police. He suspected that the 
attacks were being launched by Nhan Hoa Company rivals.

According to Nguyen Tu Quang, director of the BKIS Network Security, there 
are two methods of DDoS attacks, using either Botnet or Xflash.

Police had earlier arrested a man who launched DDoS attacks against the 
e-commerce website system of VietCo company, using the Botnet network. The 
DDoS attack against Nhan Hoa Company's server was conducted using XFlash.

"Not only VietCo and Nhan Hoa are the victims of DDoS attacks, as I know, 
most information and e-commerce systems in Vietnam are being disturbed by 
DDoS. Legal punishment is very necessary now," said Mr Quang.

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