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Blackjacking and RFID passport exploits star at DEF CON

Blackjacking and RFID passport exploits star at DEF CON
Blackjacking and RFID passport exploits star at DEF CON

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By John Leyden
1st August 2006

All eyes in the information security world will be on Las Vegas this
week as the desert city plays host to Def CON 14 and the Black Hat

Last year's DEF CON will be most remembered for the controversy over
the presentation on security vulnerabilities in Cisco's networking kit
by security researcher Michael Lynn.

This year's event promises to be just as interesting. "Johnny Cache"  
is down to talk about wireless LAN device driver exploits. The attack
creates a means to seize control of a target computer even if someone
is not connected to a wireless network at the time.

Lukas Grunwald will give a practical demonstration on hacking new RFID
Technologies used for dual-interfaces cards, such as within credit
cards and passports.

Another scheduled talk that caught our eye was one on hacking into
enterprise networks via a Blackberry, appropriately entitled

These talks, and many more, will take place at the Riviera Hotel, Las
Vegas from 4-6 August.

But before DEF CON, the world's largest annual hacker convention,
comes the Black Hat Briefings, its more respectable security sibling
where hackers traditionally rub shoulders with technology executives
and Feds.

A few topics at Black Hat caught our eye including: a presentation by
SPI Dynamics on using RSS feeds to deliver exploits; an attack on VoIP
security FUD, entitled Hacking VoIP Exposed; and the intriguingly
titled Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit.

Black Hat takes place at Caesars Palace on Wednesday and Thursday this
week. =C2=AE

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Attend the Black Hat Briefings and
Training, Las Vegas July 29 - August 3
2,500+ international security experts from 40 nations,
10 tracks, no vendor pitches. 


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