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D'Aguanno demonstrates Blackberry attack

D'Aguanno demonstrates Blackberry attack
D'Aguanno demonstrates Blackberry attack

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By Tony Dennis
16 August 2006

A SECURITY consultant with Praetorian Global [1], Jesse D'Aguanno, has
presented his RIM Blackberry attack at Defcon CTF in Las Vegas. It
outlines in detail how he=C2=B4s been able to hack straight into a
corporate LAN via a Blackberry.

The Powerpoint presentation sent to The INQ show exactly how somebody
might decide to break into a network that=C2=B4s running the RIM BES server
and then do exactly what he or she likes.

Worse still for RIM, D'Aguanno, has not only posted the presentation
slides on the Praetorian site, he=C2=B4s also made the requisite tool -
BBproxy - available for download too.

The INQ suspects that this guy isn=C2=B4t fooling around and that the hack
will very definitely work.

There=C2=B4s also a superb bit of irony hidden away in D'Aguanno=C2=B4s
presentation. He shows how any code a hacker might want to post on the
BES server needs a private key.

Buy a credit card with cash - in this case an American Express gift
card - and it is dead easy to get certified by RIM and be given the
appropriate key to run a .cod file to talk to RIM=C2=B4s APIs. And it only
costs $100 to do so.

Now that=C2=B4s a loophole even if all of the rest D'Aguanno says is smoke
and mirrors.

It=C2=B4s going to be interesting to see what exactly RIM=C2=B4s response is. =C2=B5


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