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Stolen laptop includes Chevron data

Stolen laptop includes Chevron data
Stolen laptop includes Chevron data 

By Linda Rosencrance
August 21, 2006 

In yet another incident involving a stolen laptop, Chevron Corp. 
confirmed last week that it is searching for a password-protected system 
that was taken on Aug. 5 from an unidentified accounting firm doing work 
for Chevron.

The laptop contained the names and Social Security numbers of an 
undisclosed number of current and former Chevron employees, according to 
a statement that the San Ramon, Calif.-based company e-mailed to 

The accounting firm was analyzing data as part of Chevron's regular 
efforts to demonstrate compliance with federal regulations governing 
employee benefits programs, according to the energy conglomerate. The 
theft has been reported to the appropriate authorities, and Chevron said 
that the laptop doesn't contain any data related to customers or 

"Chevron is taking steps to avoid any recurrence, including reviewing 
and enhancing our security procedures for sharing information with 
outside accounting firms," the company said in the statement. It added 
that it wouldn't provide additional information about the theft for now 
out of concern that doing so "may be to the advantage of whoever 
currently has the laptop."

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