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Teen victimized in Web attack

Teen victimized in Web attack
Teen victimized in Web attack 

Mike Martindale
The Detroit News
August 22, 2006

ROCHESTER HILLS -- A 33-year-old man was arrested Monday, accused of 
extorting nude photographs and videos from a Rochester Hills teenager by 
convincing her he had hacked into her computer and could ruin her 
parents' credit rating, authorities say.

Barbar Majid Chaudhry was arrested in Fort Wayne, Ind., where he and his 
wife and child were visiting his brother. In a case that Oakland County 
Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Monday could have national and possibly 
international implications, Chaudhry--a Pakistani national-- is to be 
extradited here to face charges of extortion, child sexually abusive 
activity, and use of a computer to commit a crime, all felonies 
punishable by up to 20 years in prison. He will also face charges of 
communicating with another to commit a crime, a felony that carries a 
15-year prison penalty.

"This is scary and disgusting on several levels," Bouchard said. "It 
underscores what we have been saying for some time: Parents have to know 
what their children are doing on the Internet and their children have to 
be comfortable enough with their parents to let them know of anything 
unusual that they encounter when going on the computer."

Bouchard said police know about dozens of other possible victims found 
on Chaudhry's computer.

"We think there are going to be a lot of victims across America and 
they've just scratched the surface."

Bouchard said the scheme involved computer transmissions made in Dubai 
and Germany and "literally there could be victims around the world."

Bouchard said in March, when the girl was 15 years old, she received an 
Automatic Instant Message over the computer by an unknown person -- 
"martinisback001" -- who informed her he had hacked into her computer 
and gained access to not only her personal files but also her parents' 
credit card information.

"He said he had done this as a hobby," Bouchard said

That man, believed to be Chaudhry, was transmitting e-mails from his 
home 7,000 miles away in Dubai, Bouchard said.

The man demanded the girl e-mail nude photographs of herself to him or 
he would ruin her credit and that of her family, according to 
investigators. After she sent the photographs, police say the man then 
demanded nude videos of her and threatened to send the nude photographs 
he already had to her friends and also post them on the Web.

The girl then complied with the second demand as well, investigators 
said. The man allegedly also said he wanted to meet her for sex and gave 
her a specific date and location for their meeting.

Members of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Internet Crimes Unit 
posed as the girl online as he attempted to hack into her computer 
earlier this month. The computer probe led back to a Fort Wayne, Ind., 
address where the suspect was found with several relatives, including 
his wife, brother and sister-in-law, and several children.

During an interview with Fort Wayne police, authorities said the suspect 
admitted he had been communicating by computer with a 16-year-old 
Michigan girl who had supplied him with nude photographs and videos. He 
also admitted attempting to hack into the girl's computer but denied 
ever forcing her to take the photos or video, they said.

Bouchard said investigators are still going over Chaudhry's computer, 
seized in Indiana, and suspect he operated under several different 
"screen" names.

At one point Chaudhry allegedly instructed the girl to do specific 
things on the video and told the girl he intended to have sex with her 
at a hotel and was exploring several locations where the meeting would 
take place.

The girl told her family and the sheriff's office became involved last 
month, Bouchard said.

"This is how a blackmailer works," Bouchard said. "Once they get you on 
the hook they can easily move on to the next phase."

Anyone who may have been similarly contacted on the Internet is asked to 
call the Oakland County Sheriff's Office at (248) 858-4954.

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