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Re: Verizon gaffe lets customer details slip

Re: Verizon gaffe lets customer details slip
Re: Verizon gaffe lets customer details slip

Forwarded from: security curmudgeon  

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, InfoSec News wrote:


: "Verizon Wireless takes the security, confidentiality and integrity of
: your personal information very seriously, and we deeply regret this
: error," the company said in the Thursday e-mail. It said that it has
: already implemented additional quality control procedures and process
: improvements to prevent a re-occurrence.
: A Verizon Wireless representative confirmed the incident, but could not
: immediately provide specific details when reached Friday afternoon.

The question is, did they mail the customers that were affected? Was 
there any notification or announcement before this became a news story?

: The information in the document is limited and does not immediately
: expose those listed to fraud, the company said in its apology. Yet it
: recommends that people affected review their bills more carefully and
: add a password to their account by calling 1-866-861-5096.

Great, they give the number to a *sales office* to do this? Not a
customer service line.

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