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Introducing the Data Loss Database - Open Source

Introducing the Data Loss Database - Open Source
Introducing the Data Loss Database - Open Source

Forwarded from: lyger 

Wed Aug 30 18:27:24 EDT 2006

Since July of 2005, has been tracking data loss and data 
theft incidents not just from the United States, but across the world. 
Our archives go back to the year 2000, and with over 142 MILLION records 
compromised in over 300 incidents across six years, we would finally 
like to introduce a very basic and rudimentiary database that will 
assist others in tracking these incidents.

DLDOS (Data Loss Database - Open Source) is a simple flat comma 
seperated value file that can be imported into your database of choice, 
whether it be MySQL, Microsoft Access, or Oracle (good luck). We provide 
the date, the company that reported the breach, the type of data 
impacted, the number of records impacted, third party companies 
involved, and a few other sortable items that may be of interest. At 
this point, is not hosting an actual database itself, but 
the raw data is free and available for use as long as is 
credited for the use of said data. Really, we're not trying to be jerks, 
but if you're going to use our data in your research, be it a web site 
or paper written for a commercial entity, just give us a shout out 
please.'s main data loss page can be found here:'s Data Loss Mail List information: 

Please feel free to use this information, build on it, grow on it, and 
share it. Updates to the raw data will be provided by 
weekly, if not daily. Share and share alike; distribute and learn.

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