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Hacker hits Denver's Web site

Hacker hits Denver's Web site
Hacker hits Denver's Web site,1299,DRMN_15_4959740,00.html 

By Daniel J. Chacon
Rocky Mountain News
August 31, 2006

The city of Denvers Web site was shut down for about 10 minutes 
yesterday after a hacker broke in.

"We recognized it immediately and just took the Web site down," Molly 
Rauzi, the citys deputy chief information officer, said today. "We went 
through and restored back what was there and then corrected that 

She said a city-generated news story was replaced with a message stating 
that the citys system had been hacked.

"We believe it came from Amsterdam," Rauzi said.

"These attempts are constant," she added. "There are people, I guess, 
who dont have enough to do with their day." Rauzi said no sensitive 
information was compromised.

"What we have on the public site is for public consumption," she said. 
"Theres nothing sensitive. Anything you see on there is intended for the 
public to see."

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