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Indian call centre worker held over credit card fraud

Indian call centre worker held over credit card fraud
Indian call centre worker held over credit card fraud

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September 4, 2006

A call centre employee has been arrested in eastern India for
allegedly using the credit cards details of US customers to make
online purchases.

Sulagna Ray, 23, was accused of obtaining the credit card information
while selling US customers a television service as part of her job,
the Times of India reported on Saturday.

Ray, an aspiring fashion designer, allegedly spent $US4000 dollars
using other people's credit cards to buy an air-conditioner,
microwave, cosmetics, saris, jewellery and chocolate.

The theft was discovered when a California-based firm, Syssoft Corp,
complained of fraudulent purchases made through its e-commerce
website, the deputy police commissioner in Kolkata, Gyanwant Singh,
told the daily.

Ray worked for Jaishree Infotech, an Indian company handling work for
another US e-commerce website.

The police traced the woman through the Indian website from which she
had purchased the products. It provided the goods' delivery address.

Ray appeared in court Friday.

In June, police in the technology hub of Bangalore arrested an
employee of global banking giant HSBC for allegedly taking =C2=A3230,000
pounds from 16 bank accounts held by Britons.

In recent years, many foreign companies have switched call centre work
to India to save costs but there has been growing concern about
potential fraud.

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