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Air Force gets WISE on network security

Air Force gets WISE on network security
Air Force gets WISE on network security 

By Josh Rogin
Sept. 11, 2006

The Air Force Research Laboratorys Information Directorate has awarded a 
$9.5 million contract to Lockheed Martin for research in enhanced 
computer network security.

Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will provide software, testing and 
evaluation reports and demonstrations related to implementing the World 
Infrastructure Security Environment (WISE) concept, said Frances Rose, 
program manager for the labs Information Grid Division, in a statement.

The WISE program contemplates providing near-term technology solutions 
to the improvements of information assurance efforts, as well as 
researching long-term, innovative solutions to information security 
concerns, she said.

WISE intends to develop capabilities to monitor host activity in real 
time, alert analysts of information attacks and recommend 
information-based countermeasures, according to analyst reports. The Air 
Force plans to incorporate WISE into its Cyber Security Management 
System, the reports state.

Orincon Information Assurance of San Diego won the initial contract to 
develop WISE in April 2003. In late 2003, Lockheed Martin acquired 
Omicron and its 250 employees.

Orincon received funding for WISE under the congressionally mandated 
Small Business Innovative Research Program. The program is aimed at 
fostering small businesses technology innovation, said Christine 
Anderson, director of requirements at the lab. The lab is the executive 
agent for the program in the Air Force.

The technology developed under WISE was originally intended for Air 
Force and DOD use, but will likely be applied to various commercial 
uses, said Rose. The current contract has a term of three years.

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