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Bangladesh making law to check computer hacking

Bangladesh making law to check computer hacking
Bangladesh making law to check computer hacking 

September 11, 2006

The Bangladeshi government is going to make a law to check computer 
hacking in the country with punishment of 10 years prison term or fine 
of 1 million taka (14, 300 U.S. dollars) or both to the hackers.

A draft bill of the proposed law was placed before the parliament, 
which began its last session of the government on Sunday, Parikhit 
Chowdhury, a spokesman of the Law and Parliamentary Affairs, said on 

The law named "Ministry of Information and Communication Technology 
Act 2006" will have provisions of establishing cyber- tribunal, he 
said, adding those doing harm in the computer and internet system 
(hacking), infecting of computer virus and changing of computer source 
code will be punished.

Under the law, those who give obscene information or do things which 
are defamatory to others, disclose secrets through computer will also 
be punished.

The law will have provisions against committing crime using computers.

Chowdhury said, Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan, minister for Information and 
Communication Technology, has placed the bill before the parliament.

The spokesman said the bill may be passed by the current session of 
parliament as this is the last session of the current parliament.

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led four-party alliance 
government of Prime Minister Khaleda Zia will end its five years 
tenure in Oct. 27 and hand over power to a non-partisan caretaker 
government on Oct. 28 to conduct the national polls in three months. 

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