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Attack confirmed, big Websites back online

Attack confirmed, big Websites back online
Attack confirmed, big Websites back online 

Gu Jia

ONE of China's biggest domain name service providers today confirmed 
that a hacker attack brought down its DNS servers, reported.  
Many big Websites using its service, including are now 
back online and it promised to restore the connection of smaller sites 
around October 7.

Computer technicians from Xinnet, China's second most important domain 
name service provider, are now searching for the source of the hacker 
and analyzing his techniques, Sina said.

The company confirmed the eight-hour-long heavy attack this morning in a 
company statement today.

The attack, from 4pm to midnight yesterday, shutdown about 180,000 
Websites, about 30 percent were registered domain name through Xinnet, 
including Shanghai Daily.

"It's obviously not a simple DDos attack," said an official from the 
company's customer service department.

In the statement, Xinnet apologized to its users and severely condemned 
the attack.

"We will seek law help if it's necessary," it said. "We hope everything 
will be fully recovered after the week-long National Day holiday." China 
has a seven-day national day holiday starting from October 1.

The statement said it won't compensate its clients for this break-down, 
because the company itself is a victim.

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