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Government holds talk on infosec for agencies

Government holds talk on infosec for agencies
Government holds talk on infosec for agencies 

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006

(SGT-HANOI) The Ministry of Public Security, security vendors and 
government agencies have met in Hanoi to discuss how to maintain 
information security at the agencies' computer networks.

The ministry's general department of technology and the security 
companies talked about threats as well as ideas for securing the 
computer network.

The network must be secure yet highly available, according to Do Xuan 
Tho, head of the ministry department.

Security standards were another point mentioned at the seminar.  
Microsoft informed the attending information technology managers of its 
Trustworthy Computing Initiative, which is a guideline for designing a 
secure application.

"Information is crucial to government agencies, especially our 
ministry," Tho said. "So we have to constantly seek new solutions."

The audience also saw product introductions from Microsoft, Juniper, 
Stratus Technologies and others.

Microsoft brought forward the .NET technology while Stratus touted its 
servers as a perfect ground for .NET programs to run with high 
availability and stability. Juniper also took the opportunity to inform 
the audience of its new network architectures and technologies.

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