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US Air Force Prepares For Cyber Warfare

US Air Force Prepares For Cyber Warfare
US Air Force Prepares For Cyber Warfare 

By John C.K. Daly
UPI International Correspondent
Washington (UPI) Oct 09, 2006

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to create a new command to develop 
techniques for fighting in cyberspace. Air Force Print News reported 
Oct. 5 that Air Force leaders will gather in Washington in early 
November to discuss the plans. On Dec. 7, 2005, cyberspace became an 
official Air Force domain after Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. 
Wynne and Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. T. Michael Moseley 
introduced a new mission statement.

The statement informed Air Force personnel that their new mission was to 
"deliver sovereign options for the defense of the United States of 
America and its global interests -- to fly and fight in air, space and 

Moseley said that Air Force leaders establishing a new "cyber command" 
to be responsible for fighting in that domain, commenting: "To deliver 
the full spectrum of effects we will evolve a coherent enterprise, with 
war fighting ethos, ready to execute any mission in peace, crisis and 
war. We will foster a force of 21st Century warriors, capable of 
delivering the full spectrum of kinetic and non-kinetic, lethal and 
non-lethal effects across all three domains. This is why we are standing 
up an operational command for cyberspace, capable of functioning as a 
supported or supporting component of the joint force."

The new doctrine will be developed from Nov. 16 at the Cyber Summit in 

Air Force Cyberspace Task Force director Dr. Lani Kass said: "The chief 
of staff of the Air Force is going to gather his senior officers and 
talk about the new domain, in which, according to our mission, we are 
going to fly and fight.

"Our objective is to come out with a course -- a vector -- that will set 
us up for transforming our Air Force, to get us ready for the fight of 
the 21st Century. The domain is defined by the electromagnetic spectrum. 
It's a domain just like air, space, land and sea. It is a domain in and 
through which we deliver effects -- fly and fight, attack and defend -- 
and conduct operations to obtain our national interests.

"Cyberspace is something on which, as a technologically advanced nation, 
the United States is hugely dependent. You use your ATM card, you use 
your cell phone and you go to an Internet cafe. If somebody is pregnant, 
they go have a sonogram. If they are sick, they have an X-ray or an MRI. 
All those things are in cyberspace. Our life has become totally bounded, 
dependent on cyberspace. Therefore, the importance of that domain is not 
only for how we fight, but also for our way of life.

"Cross-domain dominance means being able to deliver effects in all 
domains at the same time, at the speed of sound and at the speed of 
light. We cannot afford to allow an enemy to achieve cross-domain 
dominance before us. This is the nature of the transformational mission 
the chief and the secretary gave us. Enemies who cannot match us on 
land, at sea, in the air, or in space, are exploiting the fact that in 
cyberspace you have a very low entry cost.

"Low cost is what makes that domain extremely attractive to nations, 
criminal and terrorist organizations who could not possibly attack the 
United States symmetrically. All you need to do is buy a laptop or a 
cell phone. As a matter of fact, you can just go to an Internet caf and 
not even buy that stuff. You can buy yourself a phone card and you can 
cause high-impact effects," he said.

"What I see in the future is true cross-domain integration, to deliver 
effects, like we deliver in air and space, where the commander has at 
his disposal, truly sovereign options, as stated in our mission, which 
is the ability to do whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we 
want, and however we want -- kinetically, and nonkinetically and at the 
speed of sound and at the speed of light."

Source: United Press International

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