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U.S. Cryptographers: 'FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn'

U.S. Cryptographers: 'FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn'
U.S. Cryptographers: 'FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn' 

The Onion
October 11, 2006
Issue 4241 

WASHINGTON, DC -- In a carefully phrased, 128-bit encoded announcement 
that has challenged U.S. security agency procedures, top officials of 
the National Cryptography and Information Security Council warned that 
"FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn" if "Ha4d-87gH-uiH3-gB5r-g8Bh" late Monday.

"It may be true, as these codemakers have stated here, that our nation 
faces 'm7Hk-sJkd-jJk73-4osd-m6Kh,'" Department of Homeland Security head 
Michael Chertoff told reporters in his plaintext response Tuesday. "But 
in our defense, I would hardly call our situation 'K5jE-Oc4n.'"

The NCISC declined further comment, saying only that its remarks were 
meant as constructive criticism, and the CIA, NSA, and FBI may have 
misinterpreted the message.

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