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British Standard produces network security book

British Standard produces network security book
British Standard produces network security book 

By Miya Knights
19 October 2006

The British Standards Institute has released a new book on the latest 
networking standards and their importance in security.

"Delivering and Managing Real World Network Security" provides an 
overview of guidance given in the five parts of the BS ISO/IEC 18028 
standard, including network security risks faced by modern 
infrastructures using LANs, WANs, wireless, broadband and VPNs as well 
as internet security.

A BSI spokesman explained the reasoning behind the book: "Network 
security is a highly topical area and this book addresses topics now 
engaging the minds of many organisations." The latest guidelines are in 
line with the information security management system standard, BS7799 
and its technical security architecture requirements, ISO / IEC 17799 
and ISO / IEC 27001, he added.

Electronic business is constantly growing and most companies have 
information systems networked both internally and externally to 
communicate instantly with customers and clients, the BSI said. And 
network technology is developing alongside this so that more people can 
take advantage of its benefits. But there is a major requirement to 
manage and protect the security of information systems and related 
networks, especially with increasingly remote or distributed workforces.

"There is an increased security risk as this kind of working environment 
can leave organisations open to both malicious and accidental dangers," 
said the spokesman. "Due to network technology being easily accessible, 
the difference between how the technology is used and the hardware and 
software being used can be vast."

The book is targeted at senior managers who are responsible for data and 
voice networking, an organisations overall security programme and 
security policy development. 

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