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Children's Hospital computer system breached

Children's Hospital computer system breached
Children's Hospital computer system breached 

Beacon Journal staff report
Oct. 27, 2006

Akron Children's Hospital has notified federal authorities following the 
discovery of two unauthorized breaches into separate computer databases 
at the hospital.

According to the hospital's web site,, the first 
database contained personal information about hospital patients and the 
parents or guardians who provide their health insurance. That personal 
information included names, addresses, Social Security numbers and 
patient birth dates.

The hospital said there is no evidence that any medical or financial 
patient information was exposed.

The second breach involved a server containing information about 
individuals who have made donations to the hospital. That breach may 
have exposed personal financial information, including some unencrypted 
bank account and routing numbers, the hospital said. Social Security 
numbers were not included in this database.

The hospital said the two breaches occurred during the expansion of its 
computer network and testing of communication between computers on the 
network. At that time ``some external source hacked into our computer 
system,'' the hospital said.

The hospital is advising individuals who receive a letter from the 
hospital about the breach of personal information to request a free 
credit report at or call 1-877-322-8228. 

Individuals who receive a letter regarding the breach to the donor 
database are advised to closely monitor their bank account transactions.

The hospital said it has ``reviewed and enhanced our security procedures 
and processes. We have engaged a second computer security company to 
test and verify these security controls. We will also continue to 
evaluate our security controls on a regular basis.''

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