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Computer Security Expert Most Prospective Job

Computer Security Expert Most Prospective Job
Computer Security Expert Most Prospective Job 

By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter

Computer security expert will be the most prospective job after 10 
years, according to Korea Research Institute for the Vocational 
Education and Training yesterday.

Based on the occupational employment survey on prospects of 367 
professions after 10 years, the institute said that as demand for 
computer security will increase with rising use of computers, wage of 
computer security expert will increase by the largest margin.

Five points being the highest mark for the most prospect, profession as 
computer security expert scored the high mark of 4.41.

Also, as for doctors and lawyers, since the inner competition will 
increase among them, it is highly likely that their vocational prestige 
will disappear.

Other prospective jobs included high-ranking officials of conglomerate 
with 4.23, airplane engineer and robot engineer with 4.20, businessman 
for foreign trade with 4.12, administrator in filed of culture, art, 
design and broadcasting with 4.10 and financial asset manager with 4.07.

As for the jobs that will be in highest demand were property damage 
adjuster, translator, developer of system software, accountant and 
sports teacher, according to the survey.

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