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Lanter enters "The Dead Code"

Lanter enters "The Dead Code"
Lanter enters "The Dead Code" 

Production Weekly
NOVEMBER 8, 2006

Matt Lanter (Heroes) will star in the sequel to the 1983 film starring 
Matthew Broderick "War Games 2 -- The Dead Code," [1] Stuart Gillard 
directs from a script by Randall M. Badat.

Lanter plays computer hacker Will Farmer begins to play an online 
terrorist-attack simulation game against government super-computer 
Ripley, he's in way over his head - because Ripley is actually a complex 
piece of spyware, designed to ferret out potential terrorists and scoop 
them up.

Only Ripley is a paranoid nutjob who's hell-bent on placing pretty much 
everyone on Earth in a 3x3 cell, lest they turn unpredictably hostile. 
Production starts November 20 in Montreal.


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