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Police Break Phone Sex Hacking Ring

Police Break Phone Sex Hacking Ring
Police Break Phone Sex Hacking Ring 06111063288 

NOVEMBER 10, 2006
Employers of phone sex companies have been arrested on charges of taking 
the personal information of 8,420,000 customers from rival companies and 
sending about 100 million lascivious text messages to them.

The Cyber Terror Response Center of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency 
arrested phone sex company officials, including Nam (38, female), and a 
hacker, Lee (33), and indicted four others without detention. They are 
charged with taking the personal information of customers (a violation 
of the Information and Communications Law) such as security numbers and 
cell phone numbers from other phone sex companies by hiring a 
professional hacker.

According to police, Nam and Kang (33), president of another firm, let 
Lee, who is a professional programmer, break into servers for clients of 
their 67 competitors and steal 8.42 million personal information items.

The suspects used Daepo phones established in other names, such as those 
of homeless people whose resident registrations have expired and credit 
delinquents, and duplicated cell phones in order to send text messages. 
As a result, they have yet to pay the fees for sending the text 
messages, which come out to 30 won for one message and approximately 
three billion won for the 100 million messages in total.

In particular, they analyzed client usage statistics and classified 
clients who used phone sex services for over one hour or frequently as 
superior clients and focused on sending messages to them. The police 
revealed that they made 2.5 billion won in profit over one year by 
stealing 0.1 million customers from competitors.

Lee downloaded a hacking program, X-Scan, from a Chinese website and 
broke into other phone sex companies servers 12,000 times to get client 

It is estimated that the number of frequent users of phone sex companies 
is around 30,000; the service charge is 500 won per a half minute and 
60,000 won per hour.

More and more victims get text messages, then get connected to these 
phone sex services and end up paying a huge charge.

This is the first time someone who broke into several servers at the 
same time and took personal information has been caught, police said. 
Communication service companies can check out Daepo phones by confirming 
a client who used a phone excessively in a short time. However, their 
passive attitude has resulted in shifting losses to customers.

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