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NIST provides security guide for managers

NIST provides security guide for managers
NIST provides security guide for managers 

By Wade-Hahn Chan
Nov. 13, 2006

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has put together a 
guide to information security tailored specifically for top-level 

The publication, "Information Security Handbook: A Guide for Managers," [1]
was written for chief information officers, chief information security 
officers and other officials who have a vested interest in the security 
of agency systems but who do not necessarily need to get into the nuts 
and bolts on a daily basis.

The guide focuses on issues that typically arise when planning and 
implementing a security program, according to NIST.

One chapter, for example, looks at security governance, providing a 
breakdown of the different security-related responsibilities that must 
be handled by an agency's management team. The CIO should appoint a CISO 
to develop and maintain security policies and procedures, the guidelines 
state, but "information owners" -- individuals who actually manage 
information -- should be the ones to decide the appropriate use and 
distribution of their data.

NIST developed the handbook to help managers address the requirements of 
various security policies and laws, such as the Clinger-Cohen Act of 
1996 and the Federal Information Security Management Act. NIST intends 
the guidelines to be generic, something agencies can tailor to their 
specific technical and business requirements.

By providing a top-level look at security issues, the handbook "provides 
guidance for facilitating a more consistent approach to information 
security programs across the federal government," according to the 


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