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Japan leads way but India reaps security benefits

Japan leads way but India reaps security benefits
Japan leads way but India reaps security benefits,7204,20736566%5E15841%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html 

By Karen Dearne
The Australian
NOVEMBER 14, 2006

JAPAN, Britain and India are well out in front in adopting the 
comprehensive information security standard ISO 27001.

So far, 3080 organisations around the world have gone through the 
rigorous certification process to assure partners that sensitive 
corporate information and customer data will be handled securely.

Japan has 1761 companies certified, Britain has 323 certifications and 
India has 246.

Taiwan, Germany, Hungary and Korea are all ahead of the US, which has 42 
certified organisations.

In Australia, only 21 organisations are certified.

Indian companies offering outsourced services are using certification as 
a competitive differentiator, SAI Global ICT management systems program 
manager Brahman Thiyagalingham says.

SAIG's online compliance training programs are proving an important 
driver of expansion in the company's certification business, he says.

SAIG recently won a contract with Sapient in India because of its 
ability to quickly train employees online and in any language.

"Information security is not just about firewalls and passwords, it also 
concerns protecting all information assets," Thiyagalingham says.

In Australia, risk management concerns are driving interest, as 
directors seek to manage their business and information risks through 
certification and compliance with the standard.

Thiyagalingham says some government departments and some industry 
sectors are mandating it.

"In NSW in particular the state government has been very keen on this," 
he says.

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