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Arrest of a high profile hacker

Arrest of a high profile hacker
Arrest of a high profile hacker 


VietNamNet Bridge - Nguyen Quang Huy, 22, connected his home computer to 
the server of the IT solution firm Peacesoft and then hacked into the 
e-market on September 22, according to the Security 
Network Center BKIS and the investigating authorities from C15 (a unit 
of public security focusing on criminal investigations).

The 22-year-old hacker changed access codes for dozens of domain names 
of companies using Peacesoft as a server, including , , and, in an 
apparent take over attempt.

Therefore, when visitors tried to access the affected web addresses, 
they were routed into a website containing a vilifying article about the 
director of Peacesoft.

Though Peacesoft was swift in dealing with the aftermath of the hack, 
the damage has already been done. The firms operations have been 
significantly compromised.

Huy tried to convince investigators that someone from within the 
Peacesoft Corporation had hacked into the website internally from 
Peacesofts server, BKIS explained.

However, BKIS and C15 uncovered enough clues in Huys computer to rebuild 
the invasion. The investigating authorities also added that they were 
able to retrieve enough undeniable evidence to prove the hackers guilt. 

This is the highest profile hack in Viet Nam. To date, the culprit is 
one of the most skillful hackers to be arrested. Nguyen Tu Quang, chief 
of BKIS said , I believe the investigations result will restore the Web 
firms confidence.

The hacker was arrested by the anti-hi-tech-criminal unit (under C15) on 
November 8.

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