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Gartner bloke warns of PS3 invasion

Gartner bloke warns of PS3 invasion
Gartner bloke warns of PS3 invasion 

[Reminds me of the story on 11/19/00 about the Iraqi's buying PS2's en masse - WK] 

17 November 2006

GARTNER'S STEVE PRENTICE is terrified web criminals will be targettng 
the processing power of online PS3s, he said yesterday at the Gartner 
Sydney ITxpo/Symposium.

Prentice reckons that the power behind the PS3 packs quite a punch, and 
that criminals will find it hard to resist its muscled charms. "There 
will be millions of PlayStation 3's sold, and they will all be online," 
Steve warned.

"Today, Trojans are about sending spam, but I think criminals will use 
Trojans to steal processor time for PlayStations when they are not in 
use, and use that power to attach cryptography systems and deduce the 
prime numbers used to generate keys.

This sort of thing is the dark flipside to what Prentice dubbed the 
"consumerisation" of IT - in which the power of household gadgets and 
gizmos sets the standard for how users expect business to act, and for 
the IT services they expect to be offered at work, reports TechTarget.

Supposedly, there's big security risks behind this "consumerisation." 
Steve said that, for example, if a worker wanted to send a large e-mail 
from inside an organisation, they will not break the file into small 
chunks to pass through the organisation's e-mail system, but instead 
turn to something more consumer based, like gmail for example.

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