Security breach at Parliament complex

Security breach at Parliament complex
Security breach at Parliament complex,0008.htm 

By Tushar Srivastava
New Delhi
December 3, 2006

The security personnel in Parliament have again been found slack. On 
November 30, when they were busy with a mock bomb alert as part of a 
security drill in the Parliament annexe, a real security breach 

A group of 14 people managed to enter the high-security zone of 
Parliament on passes issued for the previous day.

In the heavily guarded complex, they went past eight security points. 
The breach was detected only at the last point just before the group was 
about to enter the visitors gallery.

Senior security officials rushed to the spot on being informed about the 
security breach at a time when the winter session was under way. The 
group was immediately herded out of the main building.

A senior security official said the 14 people were from Kerala and had 
come to watch Parliament proceedings. They had been issued passes on the 
recommendation of a Member of Parliament.

Kanwaljeet Deol, joint secretary (Lok Sabha security), confirmed the 
incident but added that the multi-rung security system finally detected 
the mistake and stopped the group. "That is why we have security checks 
at different points, said Deol.

But the incident was a reminder of the Parliament attack of December 13, 
2001, when five terrorists entered the premises in a car that had labels 
of Parliament and the home ministry.

"This is as big a security breach as it can get. It was not one or two 
persons but a group of 14 people," admitted a senior security official 
posted at Parliament.

"The date for which the passes had been issued was clearly written on 
the passes but still no one paid attention to it.

He said such laxity could not be tolerated, especially when a Parliament 
session was under way and hundreds of MPs were present inside.

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