Symantec customers stranded by renewals glitch

Symantec customers stranded by renewals glitch
Symantec customers stranded by renewals glitch 

By Lucy Sherriff
4th December 2006

Symantec's integration with Veritas in the UK has run into computer 
problems, leaving many Symantec customers unable to renew their 
corporate anti-virus licenses and large numbers of computers 

An adviser working for PCWorld Business' national licensing department 
told us the problem is widespread.

"It is affecting loads of our customers - from GPs right through to our 
government customers," he said.

He said he understood that Symantec shut down its computer systems for a 
refit - part of its integration with Veritas - but that there had been 
no backup made. Upon rebooting, he said, more problems surfaced, as well 
as a backlog of orders and all the new orders that were still coming in.

One GP told El Reg: "We are a small GP practice, with 12 Symantec 
Antivirus Corporate Edition licences. On 6th October, without prior 
warning, my server notified me that these licences had expired. But, no 
problem, as there is a 60 day grace period, and just over 1 week later I 
ordered 12 renewal licences from my supplier PC World Business (PCWB).

"I am still waiting for delivery of these licences, and large and small 
companies apparently (according to a very fed up person in the licensing 
Dept at PCWB) throughout the country are also without both renewal and 
new Symantec licences."

He was told the same story about a computer upgrade putting a spanner in 
the works. He was told that the delay has been caused by "Symantec 
combining the workforces of Veritas and Symantec, and at the same time 
moving to a new integrated management platform to manage all of their 

"The latter appears not to be working, he added drily."

PCWB was keen to stress that it is a Symantec problem and is affecting 
customers of other resellers too. It also noted that Symantec does offer 
a 60 day grace period, which is being "widely used".

"Nine out of 10 customers get their renewals within the 60 days, but 
there are some who don't," he told us.

These customers are left without up to date virus protections.

Back to our GP: "My licence grace period expires in 4 days, and I will 
then be left without up-to-date anti-virus protection for my business. 
According to PCWB, several large NHS organisations are in a similar 
boat. This will clearly place computerised medical records at risk 

Symantec sent us a statement about the GP's situation: "Symantec can 
confirm that the license certificate for this customer was issued on 27 
November. Symantec apologises for any delay that might of occurred and 
is investigating what may have caused a problem in the customer 
receiving this renewal."

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